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Coomalie Community Government Council LGA

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The 2016 Estimated Resident Population for Coomalie Community Government Council LGA is 1,439, with a population density of 0.01 persons per hectare.

Location and boundaries

The Coomalie Community Government Council area is located in the north-western section of the Northern Territory, about 75 kilometres south of the Darwin CBD. The Coomalie Community Government Council area is bounded by the Litchfield Council area in the north, Unincorporated Northern Territory in the east, the Victoria Daly Regional Council area in the south, and Unincorporated Northern Territory in the west.

Name origin

Coomalie Community Government Council is named after Coomalie Creek which runs through the area.

Settlement history

Traditionally, indigenous people lived in the area, and some continue to do so. European settlement dates from 1870 when the Adelaide River township was established as a depot for workers on the Overland Telegraph Line, although the area was explored in the 1860s. Land was used mainly for cattle grazing and horticulture. The township of Adelaide River grew during the late 1800s, aided by the construction of the railway line from Darwin to Pine Creek in 1888. The township of Batchelor was established in 1912. Manton Dam was constructed during the early 1940s as a water supply, with the Darwin River Dam taking over this role when it was constructed in 1972. The Adelaide River and Batchelor townships grew during WWII when they became military and airforce bases. Mining became an important industry from 1949, with the population of the area rising and falling over time due to boom and bust in the mining industry. The population fluctuated slightly during the 1990s, and then increased gradually, rising from about 1,300 in 2001 to about 1,500 in 2011.

Land use

The Coomalie Community Government Council area is predominantly rural, with two small townships at Batchelor and Adelaide River. Land is used largely for grazing, mining, agriculture and horticulture. The Council area encompasses a total land area of about 2,000 square kilometres.


The Coomalie Community Government Council area is served by the Stuart Highway and Batchelor airfield.

Major features

Major features of the Council area include part of the Darwin River Dam, Manton Dam Recreation Area, Lake Bennett, Robin Falls, Adelaide River Railway Heritage Precinct, Batchelor Butterfly Farm, Batchelor Museum, Coomalie Cultural Centre, Havlik Park, Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education and the Adelaide River.

Indigenous background

The original inhabitants of the Coomalie Community Government Council area were the Awara, Kungarakan and Warai Aboriginal people.

Included areas

The Coomalie Community Government Council area includes the suburbs and localities of Adelaide River, Batchelor, Camp Creek, Collett Creek, Coomalie Creek, Darwin River Dam, Eva Valley, Finniss Valley, Lake Bennett, Robin Falls, Rum Jungle, Stapleton and Tortilla Flats.