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Fairfield - Alphington

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The 2016 Estimated Resident Population for Fairfield - Alphington is 2,899, with a population density of 7.46 persons per hectare.

Location and boundaries

Fairfield - Alphington is bounded by Heidelberg Road in the north, Darebin Creek and the Yarra River in the south and south-east, and Merri Creek in the west.

Name origin

Fairfield is thought to be named after a village in England. Alphington is named after a village in England.

Settlement history

Development of the area dates from the 1840s. The Melbourne Lunatic Asylum opened in Fairfield in 1848. Early land uses included horse agistment, market gardens and vineyards. Land sales began in 1864. In 1904 the Fever Hospital opened in Fairfield, closing in 1996, this site now being the Thomas Embling Hospital. From the 1920s Amcor operated a major paper production plant in Alphington. Most of the area was developed prior to the 1930s. From 1925 to 1993 part of the former Asylum became the Fairlea Women's Prison, the rest became a golf course and open space. The population increased from the early 1990s, a result of new dwellings being added to the area and an increase in the average number of persons living in each dwelling.

Land use

Fairfield - Alphington is a residential and industrial area, with significant amounts of open space.

Major features

Major features of the area include Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE (Fairfield Campus), Forensicare Thomas Embling Hospital, Latrobe Golf Club, Yarra Bend Public Golf Course, Alphington Park, Fairfield Park, Yarra Bend Park, Fairfield Boathouse, Alphington Grammar School and Alphington Primary School.

Included areas

Parts of the suburbs of Alphington and Fairfield are located in Darebin City.