Muswellbrook demographics

Access Muswellbrook for States, Capital Cities, Local Government Areas and suburbs across Australia in the online Demographic Resource Centre.

Population experts, .id, have built demographic websites that cover most of Australia. These sites have been funded by local councils and are available free of charge from the Demographic resource centre.

The websites convert detailed demographic data into stories of place. What are the characteristics of the people who live in a place, how are they changing and how do they compare to other areas?

They are designed to inform community groups, investors, business, students and the general public. They bring the data to life in clear maps, tables and charts with concise factual commentary.

Results include age structure, ethnicity, ancestry, religion, income, qualifications, occupations, employment, unemployment, disability, disadvantage, volunteering, childcare, family structure, household structure, housing tenure, mortgage and rental payments, and the size and type of the dwellings people live in.

Population forecasts out to 2036 and economic profiles are also available for many areas.

You can be confident when using these resources that the data is up-to-date and accurate because the data is sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, analysed by population experts, .id and funded by local government.

For up to date demographic discussion and commentary about how Australia’s population is changing, visit the .id blog

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