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Non-English speakers - Household income quartiles

In Rockhampton, the 'highest' quartile was the largest group in 2011, comprising 35.7% of non-English speakers.

Households form the common 'economic unit' in our society. Household income is one of the most important indicators of socio-economic status. With other data sources, such as Qualifications and Occupation, it helps to reveal Rockhampton's socio-economic status and economic opportunities for the non-English speaking population.

Household income levels are not comparable over time because of the influences of economic change such as wage level fluctuations and inflation. The income quartile method is a powerful and objective way of looking at income data and in particular, how it is changing. Analysis is simpler due to the breakdown into four simple groups. Quartiles are defined as each containing 25% of all households in Queensland. This topic shows the proportion of the non-English speaking population falling into these four groups which contain an equal number of households at the state level, but may contain different numbers of people. The comparison is shown for people in the selected benchmark.

A detailed explanation of how Household income quartiles are calculated and interpreted is available in specific data notes.

Derived from the Census question:

'What is the total of all wages/salaries, government benefits, pensions, allowances and other income the person usually receives?'

People speaking a language other than English at home, counted in private dwellings

Household income quartiles
Rockhampton - Non-English speakers20112006Change
Quartile groupNumber%Brisbane SDNumber%Brisbane SD2006 to 2011
Lowest group43112.017.833016.320.2+102
Medium lowest64918.022.650525.024.1+144
Medium highest1,23534.328.551925.726.5+717
Highest group1,28335.731.166733.029.1+617

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Census of Population and Housing 2006 and 2011. Compiled and presented by .id , the population experts.

Household income - Quartile group dollar ranges
Calculated from income data for Queensland Weekly income by Census year
Household income ranges
Lowest group $0 to $641 $0 to $554
Medium lowest $642 to $1,226 $555 to $1,031
Medium highest $1,227 to $2,146 $1,032 to $1,646
Highest group $2,147 and over $1,647 and over

Household income quartiles, 2011
Household income quartiles, 2011 Highest group, Brisbane SD: 31.1% Medium highest, Brisbane SD: 28.5% Medium lowest, Brisbane SD: 22.6% Lowest group, Brisbane SD: 17.8% Highest group, Rockhampton: 35.7% Medium highest, Rockhampton: 34.3% Medium lowest, Rockhampton: 18.0% Lowest group, Rockhampton: 12.0%
Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Census of Population and Housing, 2011 (Enumerated data)
Compiled and presented by .id, the population experts.
Change in household income quartile, 2006 to 2011
Change in household income quartile, 2006 to 2011 Highest group, Rockhampton: +617 Medium highest, Rockhampton: +717 Medium lowest, Rockhampton: +144 Lowest group, Rockhampton: +102
Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Census of Population and Housing, 2006 and 2011 (Enumerated data)
Compiled and presented by .id, the population experts.

Dominant groups

Income quartiles allow us to compare relative income-earning capabilities across time. Analysis of the distribution of non-English speakers in households by household income quartile in Rockhampton compared to Brisbane SD shows that there was greater proportion of people in households in the highest income quartile, and a lesser proportion in the lowest income quartile.

Emerging groups

The most significant change in Rockhampton between 2006 and 2011 for non-English speakers was in the medium highest quartile which showed an increase of 717 persons.