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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander profile - Household income

In Rockhampton, [IndigenousHouseholdIncome].[Sum_high].{0:0}% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander households earned $1,000 or more per week.

Households form the common 'economic unit' in our society. Rockhampton’s indigenous household income is one of the most important indicators of socio-economic status of the indigenous population. Higher household incomes enable households to participate in society and escape poverty traps. Lower household incomes for the indigenous households of an area can indicate lower socio-economic status.

The incomes presented on this page are for the latest Census year only, due to the change in collection ranges each Census, they can’t be directly compared over time.

Please note that this table counts indigenous households, which are households containing one or more Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander persons at home on Census night. Household income can be contributed by all members of the household, which may include both indigenous and non-indigenous persons.

To get a clearer picture of the income and socio-economic status of the indigenous population, household income data should be viewed in conjunction with Household Type, Age Structure, and Tenure.

Derived from the Census question:

'What is the total of all wages/salaries, government benefits, pensions, allowances and other income the person usually receives?'

Family, group and lone person households

Weekly household income, 2011
Weekly household income, 2011
Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Census of Population and Housing, 2011 (Usual residence data)
Compiled and presented in by .id, the population experts.

Dominant groups

Analysis of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander household income levels in Rockhampton in 2011 compared to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander household income levels in Queensland - ATSI shows that there was a [IndigenousHouseholdIncome].[Compare_high] proportion of high income households (those earning $2,500 per week or more) [IndigenousHouseholdIncome].[Compare_Join] [IndigenousHouseholdIncome].[Compare_low] proportion of low income households (those earning less than $600 per week).

Overall, [IndigenousHouseholdIncome].[Sum_high].{0:0.0}% of the households earned a high income, and [IndigenousHouseholdIncome].[Sum_low].{0:0.0}% were low income households, compared with [IndigenousHouseholdIncome].[Sum_BM_high].{0:0.0}% and [IndigenousHouseholdIncome].[Sum_BM_low].{0:0.0}% respectively for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander households in Queensland - ATSI.