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Recent arrivals - Occupation of employment

In 2011, there were more recent overseas arrivals who worked as labourers in Rockhampton than any other occupation.

Rockhampton's occupation statistics quantify the occupations in which recent arrivals (who are residents) work. The work destination may be in the local area or elsewhere.

The type of work done by recent arrivals is influenced by their age structure, qualifications and migration stream. Many of Australia's recent migrants are skilled arrivals who fill identified skill gaps in particular occupation groups.

Derived from the two Census questions:

'In the main job held last week, what was the person's occupation?' and 'What are the main tasks that the person himself/herself usually performs in that occupation?'

People born overseas and arriving in Australia between 2006 and 9 Aug 2011, aged 15 years and over

Occupation of employment
Rockhampton - Recent arrivals2011
OccupationNumber%Brisbane SD
Technicians and Trades Workers26115.014.0
Community and Personal Service Workers1649.411.1
Clerical and Administrative Workers1005.711.1
Sales Workers965.57.2
Machinery Operators And Drivers854.97.2
Inadequately described/Not stated382.21.6

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Census of Population and Housing 2011 (Usual residence data). Compiled and presented in by .id , the population experts.

Occupation of employment, 2011
Occupation of employment, 2011 Managers, Brisbane SD: 8.1% Professionals, Brisbane SD: 24.9% Technicians and Trades Workers, Brisbane SD: 14.0% Community and Personal Service Workers, Brisbane SD: 11.1% Clerical and Administrative Workers, Brisbane SD: 11.1% Sales Workers, Brisbane SD: 7.2% Machinery Operators And Drivers, Brisbane SD: 7.2% Labourers, Brisbane SD: 14.7% Inadequately described/Not stated, Brisbane SD: 1.6% Managers, Rockhampton: 3.8% Professionals, Rockhampton: 24.1% Technicians and Trades Workers, Rockhampton: 15.0% Community and Personal Service Workers, Rockhampton: 9.4% Clerical and Administrative Workers, Rockhampton: 5.7% Sales Workers, Rockhampton: 5.5% Machinery Operators And Drivers, Rockhampton: 4.9% Labourers, Rockhampton: 29.4% Inadequately described/Not stated, Rockhampton: 2.2%
Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Census of Population and Housing, 2011 (Usual residence data)
Compiled and presented in by .id, the population experts.

Dominant groups

An analysis of the jobs held by recent overseas arrivals in Rockhampton in 2011 shows the three most popular occupations were:

  • Labourers (513 persons or 29.4%)
  • Professionals (421 persons or 24.1%)
  • Technicians and Trades Workers (261 persons or 15.0%)

In combination these three occupations accounted for 1,195 people in total or 68.5% of the employed recent overseas arrivals.

In comparison, Brisbane SD employed 14.7% in Labourers; 24.9% in Professionals; and 14.0% in Technicians and Trades Workers.

The major differences between the jobs held by the recent overseas arriving population of Rockhampton and Brisbane SD were:

  • A larger percentage of people employed as Labourers (29.4% compared to 14.7%)
  • A smaller percentage of people employed as Clerical and Administrative Workers (5.7% compared to 11.1%)
  • A smaller percentage of people employed as Managers (3.8% compared to 8.1%)
  • A smaller percentage of people employed as Machinery Operators And Drivers (4.9% compared to 7.2%)