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Recent arrivals - Internet connection

In 2011, 79.6% of of recent arrivals in Rockhampton were in households with access to a broadband internet connection.

A fast Internet Connection is increasingly required for accessing essential information and undertaking domestic and non-domestic business. This dataset indicates how many recent arrivals in Rockhampton have access to the internet from home.

Internet connectivity is strongly associated with the Age and Education levels of the migrant population, so please view this dataset in conjunction with those to build up a more complete story.

Derived from the Census question:

'Does any member of this household access the internet from this dwelling'

People born overseas and arriving in Australia between 2006 and 9 Aug 2011, counted in private dwellings

Type of internet connection
Rockhampton - Recent arrivals2011
Connection typeNumber%Brisbane SD
Total internet connection2,45985.789.8
Broadband connection2,28479.682.6
Dial-up connection712.52.2
Other connection1043.65.0
No Internet connection31611.07.2
Not stated953.33.1

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Census of Population and Housing 2011 and 2011. Compiled and presented by .id , the population experts.

Type of internet connection, 2011
Type of internet connection, 2011 No Internet connection, Brisbane SD: 7.2% Other connection, Brisbane SD: 5.0% Dial-up connection, Brisbane SD: 2.2% Broadband connection, Brisbane SD: 82.6% Total internet connection, Brisbane SD: 89.8% No Internet connection, Rockhampton: 11.0% Other connection, Rockhampton: 3.6% Dial-up connection, Rockhampton: 2.5% Broadband connection, Rockhampton: 79.6% Total internet connection, Rockhampton: 85.7%
Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Census of Population and Housing, 2011 (Enumerated data)
Compiled and presented by .id, the population experts.

Dominant groups

Analysis of the type of internet connection of households for recent arrivals in Rockhampton compared to Brisbane SD shows that there was a higher proportion of recent arrivals with no access to an internet connection, and a lower proportion with broadband connectivity compared to Brisbane SD in 2011.

Overall 11.0% of recent arrivals had no access to an internet connection and 79.6% had broadband connectivity, compared with 7.2% and 82.6% respectively in Brisbane SD.