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Shire of Plantagenet rural districts

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The 2016 Estimated Resident Population for Shire of Plantagenet rural districts is 2,353, with a population density of 0.01 persons per hectare.

Location and boundaries

Shire of Plantagenet rural districts is bounded by the Shires of Cranbrook and Gnowangerup in the north, the City of Albany in the east and south-east, the Shire of Denmark in the south, and the Shire of Manjimup in the west. Shire of Plantagenet rural districts excludes the more urban parts of the Shire of Plantagenet, which are situated in the locality of Mount Barker.

Settlement history

Settlement of the area dates from the 1830s, with land used mainly for sheep grazing. Population was minimal until the early 1900s when land was subdivided, beginning with Kendenup in the 1920s, and then Rocky Gully in the 1930s. Gradual growth continued from the post-war years, particularly from the 1980s. The population generally increased between 1991 and 2011 as new dwellings were added to the area.

Land use

Shire of Plantagenet rural districts is a predominantly rural area which includes several small villages. Land is used largely for sheep and cattle grazing, with some vegetable and wheat growing, timber growing and viticulture.

Major features

Major features of the area include Stirling Range National Park, Porongurup National Park, part of Mount Lindesay National Park, Kendenup Agricultural Grounds, Kendenup Country Club, Kamballup Golf Course, Pardelup Nature Reserve, Sheepwash Creek Nature Reserve, Tootanellup Nature Reserve, Wamballup Nature Reserve, Kendenup Hall, Pardelup Prison Farm, various wineries and one school.

Included areas

Shire of Plantagenet rural districts encompasses the localities of Denbarker, Forest Hill, Kendenup, Narrikup, Perillup, Porongurup, Rocky Gully, Takalarup and Woogenellup, and the Shire of Plantagenet part of the locality of Stirling Range National Park.