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Penrith City
Residential building approvals

In Penrith City there were 1,319 residential buildings approved to be built in the financial year FYTD (7 mth).

Penrith City's building approvals are used as a leading indicator of the general level of residential development, economic activity, employment and investment. Residential building activity depends on many factors that vary with the state of the economy including interest rates, availability of mortgage funds, government spending, and business investment.  Large financial changes or shocks, such as the Global Financial Crisis of 2008/09 can be observed in the data.  However, the number of building approvals can fluctuate substantially from year to year simply as a result of the short-term nature of many construction projects, and the cyclical nature of the industry.

Residential building approvals
Penrith CityNumberAnnual change
Year (ending June 30)HousesOtherTotalHousesOtherTotal
FYTD (7 mth)6676521,319------

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Building Approvals, Australia (8731.0). Compiled and presented in by .id , the population experts

Residential building approvals
Residential building approvals FYTD (7 mth), Other dwelling approvals: 652 FYTD (7 mth), House approvals: 667 2014-15, Other dwelling approvals: 373 2014-15, House approvals: 1,164 2013-14, Other dwelling approvals: 487 2013-14, House approvals: 1,081 2012-13, Other dwelling approvals: 339 2012-13, House approvals: 870 2011-12, Other dwelling approvals: 132 2011-12, House approvals: 753 2010-11, Other dwelling approvals: 357 2010-11, House approvals: 427 2009-10, Other dwelling approvals: 331 2009-10, House approvals: 335 2008-09, Other dwelling approvals: 134 2008-09, House approvals: 177 2007-08, Other dwelling approvals: 264 2007-08, House approvals: 177 2006-07, Other dwelling approvals: 212 2006-07, House approvals: 280
Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Building Approvals, Australia (8731.0). Compiled and presented by .id, the population experts.