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City of Mitcham

Workers' place of residence

In 2011, of the 25,610 people who worked in the City of Mitcham, 7,405 or 28.9% also lived in the area.

Where does the City of Mitcham's workforce come from? Journey to Work data sheds light on how many workers live locally, how many commute from other areas and which areas they commute from.  Some areas attract a large external workforce because they have major employment centres or because local residents have a different set of skills or aspirations than the local jobs require. Understanding where workers reside assists in planning and advocacy for roads and public transport provision. It also helps to clarify economic and employment drivers across areas and assists in understanding the degree to which the City of Mitcham provides local employment.

Derived from the Census:

'For the main job held last week, what was the person's workplace address?'

Persons who are employed within the area boundaries.

Residential location of workers
City of Mitcham2011
Live and work in the area7,40528.9
Live and work in the same SLA5,33020.8
Live in the area and work in different SLA2,0758.1
Work in the area, but live outside18,20571.1

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Census of Population and Housing 2011. Compiled and presented in by .id , the population experts.

Residential location of workers, 2011
Residential location of workers, 2011 71.1% 8.1% 20.8%
Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Census of Population and Housing, 2011 (Usual residence data)
Compiled and presented in by .id, the population experts.
Detailed breakdown by SLA
Residential location of workers by SLA
City of Mitcham - Total area2011
Mitcham (C) - Hills3,31012.9
Mitcham (C) - West2,4089.4
Onkaparinga (C) - Reservoir1,7426.8
Mitcham (C) - North-East1,6876.6
Onkaparinga (C) - Woodcroft1,6436.4
Marion (C) - Central1,4815.8
Marion (C) - North9413.7
Marion (C) - South9143.6
Onkaparinga (C) - South Coast7853.1
Onkaparinga (C) - Morphett7623.0
Unley (C) - West6352.5
Holdfast Bay (C) - South5872.3
Unley (C) - East5872.3
Holdfast Bay (C) - North5682.2
West Torrens (C) - East4741.9
Onkaparinga (C) - North Coast4671.8
West Torrens (C) - West4341.7
Onkaparinga (C) - Hills4021.6
Burnside (C) - South-West3791.5
Onkaparinga (C) - Hackham3771.5
Adelaide Hills (DC) - Central3201.2
Mount Barker (DC) - Central2701.1
Burnside (C) - North-East2571.0
Adelaide Hills (DC) - Ranges2481.0
Charles Sturt (C) - Coastal2370.9
Norw. P'ham St Ptrs (C) - West2340.9
Adelaide (C)2230.9
Port Adel. Enfield (C) - East1900.7
Charles Sturt (C) - North-East1760.7
Campbelltown (C) - West1720.7
Campbelltown (C) - East1680.7
Mount Barker (DC) Bal1600.6
Norw. P'ham St Ptrs (C) - East1560.6
Prospect (C)1540.6
Charles Sturt (C) - Inner West1530.6
Salisbury (C) - South-East1450.6
Charles Sturt (C) - Inner East1380.5
Port Adel. Enfield (C) - Coast1380.5
Tea Tree Gully (C) - South1210.5
Adelaide Hills (DC) Bal1130.4
Alexandrina (DC) - Strathalbyn970.4
Port Adel. Enfield (C) - Park900.4
Tea Tree Gully (C) - Central860.3
Alexandrina (DC) - Coastal800.3
Port Adel. Enfield (C) - Inner740.3
Salisbury (C) Bal660.3
Tea Tree Gully (C) - North610.2
Walkerville (M)610.2
Salisbury (C) - Central540.2
Salisbury (C) - North-East500.2
Tea Tree Gully (C) - Hills410.2
Victor Harbor (C)380.1
Port Adel. Enfield (C) - Port370.1
Yankalilla (DC)350.1
Adelaide Hills (DC) - North320.1
Playford (C) - Elizabeth270.1
Salisbury (C) - Inner North260.1
Playford (C) - East Central160.1
Murray Bridge (RC)110.0
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Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Census of Population and Housing 2011. Compiled and presented in by .id , the population experts.

NOTE: Table totals may not equate with other similar tables due to randomisation of small numbers. Please refer to the specific data notes for more information.

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