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City of Maroondah

Additional areas

City of Maroondah has a total population of 103,837 and 41,926 dwellings in 2011.

Additional areas are summary profiles that present a sub-set of socio-demographic information and are designed for areas which have too small a population for detailed profiling.

Please note that these are summary tables that include selected statistics drawn from the 2011 Census. Therefore the sum of these selected components may not equal the totals given in these tables.

City of Maroondah summary profile, 2011
NameNumber%Greater Melbourne %
Population Summary----0.0
Total Population103,837100.0100.0
Australian citizens92,01788.683.0
Eligible voters (citizens 18+)70,36867.863.6
Indigenous population4100.40.5
Speaks language other than English at home13,09012.629.1
Needs assistance due to age or disability4,6894.54.5
Age Structure----0.0
Babies and pre-schoolers (0 to 4)6,7486.56.5
Primary schoolers (5 to 11)8,8478.58.4
Secondary schoolers (12 to 17)7,9457.77.3
Tertiary education/independence (18 to 24)9,3559.010.1
Young workforce (25 to 34)14,01913.515.4
Parents and homebuilders (35 to 49)22,74221.922.0
Older workers & pre-retirees (50 to 59)13,06112.612.1
Empty nesters and retirees (60 to 69)10,2739.99.0
Seniors (70 to 84)8,4778.27.4
Frail aged (85 and over)2,3522.31.8
Total Population103,837100.0100.0
Household Types----0.0
Couples with children13,32334.033.6
Couples without children9,50724.223.5
One parent families4,54511.610.4
Lone person households9,48924.222.3
Group households1,0872.84.5
Total households (inc. non-classifiable)39,235100.0100.0
Christian religions61,73659.555.8
Non Christian religions4,5314.411.8
No Religion28,99827.923.5
Not stated7,5507.38.1
Total persons (inc. non-classifiable)103,836100.0100.0
Attending pre-school or primary school10,2389.99.3
Attending secondary school6,9026.66.3
Attending university or TAFE institution6,4856.27.6
Total persons (including those not attending)103,835100.0100.0
Labour Force----0.0
Total labour force55,36365.662.5
Not in the labour force26,03430.932.2
Total persons aged 15+ (inc. Not Stated)84,351100.0100.0
Dwelling Summary----0.0
Separate houses32,04776.671.1
Medium and high density9,71323.228.3
Other dwellings (inc. Caravans, houseboats)680.20.5
Occupied private dwellings39,23693.691.2
Unoccupied Dwellings2,6036.28.6
Non private dwellings870.20.2
Total dwellings41,926100.0100.0
Housing Tenure----0.0
Total households (inc. not stated and other)39,237100.0100.0
Household Income----0.0
Less than $600 (low)7,17618.619.2
$600 to $1,249 (lower middle)9,58624.823.1
$1,250 to $1,999 (upper middle)7,84220.319.1
$2,000 or more (high)10,22626.528.0
Incomes not stated3,7719.810.6
Total households38,601100.0100.0
Internet Connection----0.0
Broadband connection28,91473.770.0
Dial-up connection1,0492.72.7
Other connection1,3133.33.7
No connection6,23615.916.8
Not stated1,7254.46.8
Total households39,237100.0100.0

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Census of Population and Housing 2011.
Compiled and presented in by .id , the population experts.