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City of Knox

Recent arrivals - Introduction

In the City of Knox, 5,746 people had arrived in Australia within 5 years prior to 2011.

Recent arrivals are defined as those persons who are now usual residents of the area, who arrived in Australia (not necessarily within the local area) between 1 January 2006 and 9 August 2011.

Recent arrivals are an important community to quantify and understand, as migrants may have difficulties settling into and contributing to Australian society, and local government provides many services to support recent migrants.

Derived from the Census question:

'In what year did the person first arrive in Australia to live here for one year or more?'

People born overseas and arriving in Australia between 2006 and 9 Aug 2011

Key statistics
City of Knox - Recent arrivals2011
Number%Greater Melbourne
Population summary------
Age structure------
0 - 14 years1,25221.815.0
15 - 24 years90215.724.4
25 -64 years3,40359.259.1
65 years or more1893.31.5
Total population5,746100.0100.0
Birthplace Top 3------
Language Top 3------
Education institute attending------
Primary school69512.17.5
Secondary school59110.35.9
Tertiary (University and TAFE)61110.721.2
Highest qualification achieved------
Other post-school4189.48.1
No qualification1,50533.734.3
Unemployment rate32110.511.3
Participation rate3,06868.664.8
Top 3 Occupations------
Technicians and Trades Workers38714.013.7
Clerical and Administrative Workers37413.610.6
Household income------
$599 or less5149.016.2
$600 to $19992,75648.445.2
$2000 or more1,96634.529.6
Household type------
Couple with children4,11172.447.8
Couple without children92316.223.7
One parent family3796.76.2
Group household1392.413.9
Lone person household791.44.5
Dwelling type------
Private dwellings5,69399.898.1
Non-private dwellings90.21.9
Housing tenure------
Fully owned5539.86.3
Dwelling structure------
Separate house4,72483.055.6
Medium density91816.129.8
High density360.614.1

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Census of Population and Housing 2011 (Usual residence data). Compiled and presented in by .id , the population experts.

Topics available for recent arrivals:

Data notes

Because of the year-based definition of recent arrivals, no time series information is shown for this group.

For dwelling related topics (household type, household income, bedrooms etc), only household members who arrived in the specified time period are counted in the table. If more than one household member arrived in that time period, there will be multiple counts for the same household in the table.