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Erina - Green Point

About the profile areas

The 2016 Estimated Resident Population for Erina - Green Point is 11,550, with a population density of 8.39 persons per hectare.

Location and boundaries

Erina - Green Point is bounded by Brisbane Water, the suburb of Springfield, the Erina Creek, The Entrance Road and the locality of Erina Heights in the north, Serpentine Road, the suburb of Terrigal and the locality of Picketts Valley in the east, the suburbs of Kincumber, Yattalunga and Saratoga in the south and Brisbane Water in the west.

Name origin

The meaning of Erina is uncertain, but it is believed to be a corruption of the aboriginal word "yerin", meaning an object of fear, but applied to a place of initiation. The origin of the place name Green Point is unknown, but may have been used to describe a richly timbered, green canopied area.

Settlement history

Settlement of the area dates from 1824 when the first land grant was made. Erina was a centre for early timber getting. Henry Smyth was granted land at Green Point in 1839. In the late 19th century ships were built on Erina Creek. In the 1880s road improvements encouraged by land subdivision in the Erina area led to the building of a new bridge at the entrance to Erina Creek. Green Point had orchards, and the 1930s Depression saw small numbers of unemployed camped there, earning the name "Struggletown". Erina continued as a sawmilling, orcharding and poultry raising area into the 1950s. Development in Erina - Green Point was slow for many years. At the close of the 1960s, Grace Bros purchased a 30 acre site off Karalta Road. Eventually, Central Coast Fair (now known as Erina Fair) opened there in 1987. The population increased substantially during the 1990s, with growth slowing considerably between 2001 and 2011 as fewer new dwellings were added to the area.

Land use

Erina - Green Point is a predominantly a residential and parkland area.

Major features

Major features of the area include Kincumba Mountain Reserve, Erina Fair Shopping Centre, Erina Mall, Fountain Plaza Shopping Centre, Green Point Village Shopping Centre, Green Point Shopping Centre, Erina Ice Arena, Erina Army Reserve Depot, Green Point Community Centre, The Erina Centre, The Erina Community Trust Hall, Nyari Lookout, Warriwarri Lookout, Bayside Drive Playground, Binnawee Park, Blessington Reserve, David Street Playground, Erina Oval, Erina High School Oval, Green Point Reserve, Greenvale Road Playground, James Sea Drive Playground, Merideth Place Playground, Syd Shearer Park, Wharf Reserve, Woodport Park, Worthing Creek Reserve and a number of schools.