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Rural South West - Quambatook

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The 2016 Estimated Resident Population for Rural South West - Quambatook is 1,312, with a population density of 0.00 persons per hectare.

Location and boundaries

Rural South West - Quambatook is bounded by Meatian West Road, Meatian East Road, Mystic Park-Meatian Road, Mystic Park-Beauchamp Road and Swan Hill Rural City in the north, Bael Bael-Boga Road, the localities of Mystic Park, Lake Charm, Reedy Lake and Kerang, Pyramid Creek, the locality of Koroop, Brays Road, the localities of Cohuna and Horfield, Pyramid Creek and Loddon Shire in the east, Winterbottoms Lane, Single Oak Road, Campbells Road, Channel No 12, Loddon Shire, the Loddon River, Forest Lane, Meering West Road, Henderson Road, Fleming Road, Crump Road, Boort-Quambatook Road, Mosquito Creek Road, Buloke Shire and the Avoca River in the south, and Buloke Shire, Lalbert Lake Road and Omeara Road in the west.

Settlement history

Settlement of the area dates from the mid 1800s, with land used mainly for grazing and wheat farming. Gradual growth took place in the late 1800s, with expansion continuing into the early 1900s. The population declined from the early 1990s, a result of dwelling stock loss and a decline in dwelling occupancy rates and the average number of persons living in each dwelling.

Land use

Rural South West - Quambatook is a predominantly rural area which includes the small township of Quambatook. Land is used mainly for grazing and farming, particularly crop farming.

Major features

Major features of the area include Leaghur State Park, Lake Bael Bael, Lake Elizabeth, Lake Meran, Lake Murphy, Little Lake Bael Bael, The Marsh, Tragowel Swamp, Macorna Recreation Reserve, Quambatook Swimming Pool and a number of schools.

Included areas

Rural South West - Quambatook includes the localities of Appin, Bael Bael, Budgerum East, Cannie, Cullen, Dingwall, Fairley, Kerang East, Macorna North, McMillans, Mead, Milnes Bridge, Mincha West, Normanville, Oakvale, Pine View, Quambatook, Sandhill Lake, Tragowel and Wandella, and the Gannawarra Shire parts of the localities of Appin South, Beauchamp, Gredgwin, Lake Meran, Lalbert, Macorna, Meatian, Meering West, Ninyeunook, Tittybong and Towaninny.