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Frankston Heights

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The 2016 Estimated Resident Population for Frankston Heights is 12,870, with a population density of 19.95 persons per hectare.

Location and boundaries

Frankston Heights is bounded by Beach Street and Cranbourne Road in the north, the Peninsula Link in the east, Robinsons Road and Golf Links Road in the south, and the Moorooduc Highway in the west.

Settlement history

Settlement of the area dates from the 1850s, with land used mainly for farming. Significant development did not occur until the post-war years. Frankston Heights consists of two relatively distinct areas: the Frankston Heights area in the west, which was developed primarily in the 1940s and 1950s, and the Kingsley Park area in the east, which was developed primarily in the 1970s and 1980s. The population declined slightly between 1991 and 2006, as few new dwellings were added to the area and the average number of persons living in each dwelling declined. The population was relatively stable between 2006 and 2011, a result of some new dwellings being added to the area, but a decline in the average number of persons living in each dwelling.

Land use

Frankston Heights is an established residential area, with a commercial area in the north-west.

Major features

Major features of the area include Monash University (Peninsula Campus), Frankston Golf Club, St John of God Frankston Rehabilitation Hospital, Peninsula Hockey Centre, Bruce Park, Bunarong Park, Ferndale Reserve, Jubilee Park, Raphael Reserve, Robinsons Park, Wallace Avenue Reserve, Frankston Power Centre, Towerhill Shopping Centre and two schools.

Included areas

Frankston Heights encompasses the south-eastern part of the suburb of Frankston.