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West Croydon and District

About the profile areas

The 2016 Estimated Resident Population for West Croydon and District is 10,202, with a population density of 22.88 persons per hectare.

Location and boundaries

West Croydon & District is bounded by First Avenue, Hassell Street, Goodall Avenue, Torrens Road, Lamont Street, Harrison Road and Bolton Avenue in the north, Exeter Terrace, Torrens Road, Blight Street, Hawker Street, Wood Avenue, the railway line and South Road in the east, Port Road in the south, and Kilkenny Road, David Terrace, Torrens Road and Hanson Road in the west.

Name origin

West Croydon is thought to be named after Croydon in England.

Settlement history

Settlement of the area dates from 1839. Population was minimal until the 1850s when land was subdivided and the Village of Croydon was laid out, with land used mainly for farming. Some growth took place during the 1870s and 1880s. Significant development took place during the interwar period, with growth continuing during the post-war period. The population increased slightly between 1996 and 2011, a result of new dwellings being added to the area, particularly from the redevelopment of surplus commercial and industrial land into housing.

Land use

West Croydon & District is an established residential and industrial area.

Major features

Major features of the area include Centro Arndale Shopping Centre, Sam Johnson Reserve, Alton Reserve, Carnarvon Reserve, Croydon Playground, Croydon Reserve, Greenshields Reserve, M J McInerney Reserve, Kilkenny Hall, Arch Paterson Community Centre, Adelaide Secondary School of English, The School of Languages and several other schools.

Included areas

West Croydon & District encompasses the suburbs of Croydon, Devon Park (part), Kilkenny, Renown Park, Ridleyton and West Croydon. Most of the suburb of Devon Park is located in the City of Port Adelaide Enfield.