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Turners Beach - Forth - Leith

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The 2016 Estimated Resident Population for Turners Beach - Forth - Leith is 2,798, with a population density of 0.79 persons per hectare.

Location and boundaries

Turners Beach - Forth - Leith is bounded by Bass Strait in the north, Devonport City and the Forth River in the east, the locality of Kindred in the south, and the localities of Abbotsham and Ulverstone and the Bass Highway in the west.

Name origin

Turners Beach is thought to be named after the Turner family who lived in the area in the 1920s. Forth is named after the river which runs through the area. It was originally known as Hamilton-on-Forth. Leith is named after a seaport in Scotland.

Settlement history

Settlement of the area dates from 1840, with land used mainly for farming. Forth was a busy port in the mid 1800s, shipping out produce and timber. Some growth took place during the late 1800s when Leith operated as a port. Significant residential development did not occur until the 1950s. The population gradually increased from 1991 to 2011, a result of new dwellings being added to the area.

Land use

Turners Beach - Forth - Leith is a rural and rural-residential area, which includes three villages. Rural land is used largely for crop growing.

Major features

Major features of the area include Forth Recreation Ground, H W Braid Reserve, Leith Reserve, The Gables Park, Turners Beach Recreation Ground, Target Golf, Turners Beach, Braddons Lookout, the Forth River and one school.

Included areas

Parts of the localities of Forth and Leith are located in Devonport City.