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Buloke Shire

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The 2015 Estimated Resident Population for Buloke Shire is 5,952, with a population density of 0.01 persons per hectare.

Location and boundaries

Buloke Shire is located in north-western Victoria, between 210 and 360 kilometres north-west of Melbourne. Buloke Shire is bounded by Mildura and Swan Hill Rural Cities in the north, Gannawarra and Loddon Shires in the east, Northern Grampians Shire in the south, and Yarriambiack Shire in the west.

Name origin

Buloke is named after the buloke or bulloak tree, Allocasuarina luehmannii, which is common in the area.

Settlement history

European settlement of the area dates from the 1840s, with land used mainly for pastoral purposes. Growth took place in the late 1800s as townships were established, railway lines were constructed and grain growing became the dominant industry. The population of the Shire began to gradually decline from the 1960s. The population continued to decline from the early 1990s, falling from about 8,400 in 1991 to about 6,200 in 2011.

Land use
Land use 3% 0% 1% 96%

Land use

Buloke Shire is a predominantly rural area. The main townships are Birchip, Charlton, Donald, Sea Lake and Wycheproof. Smaller townships include Berriwillock, Culgoa, Nandaly, Nullawil and Watchem. The Shire encompasses a total land area of about 8,000 square kilometres. Land is used largely for agriculture, particularly grain (wheat, oats and barley) production and sheep grazing.


Buloke Shire is served by the Calder Highway, the Borung Highway and the Sunraysia Highway.

Major features

Major features of the Shire include Lake Tyrrell, Lake Buloke, Mount Jeffcott Fauna and Flora Reserve, Charlton Golden Grains Museum, the Avoca River and various golf clubs.

Indigenous background

The original inhabitants of the Buloke area were the Jaara and Wemba-Wemba Aboriginal people.

Included areas

Buloke Shire includes the townships and localities of Ballapur, Banyan, Barrakee, Berriwillock, Bimbourie, Birchip, Birchip West, Boigbeat, Buckrabanyule (part), Bunguluke, Carron, Charlton, Chirrip, Cokum, Coonooer Bridge (part), Cope Cope (part), Corack, Corack East, Culgoa, Curyo, Donald, Dooboobetic, Dumosa, Gil Gil, Glenloth, Glenloth East (part), Granite Flat, Jeffcott, Jeffcott North, Jeruk, Jil Jil, Kalpienung, Karyrie, Kinnabulla, Laen (part), Laen East, Laen North, Lake Marmal (part), Lake Tyrrell, Lalbert (part), Lawler (part), Litchfield, Marlbed, Massey, Morton Plains, Myall, Nandaly, Nareewillock, Narraport, Ninda, Nine Mile (part), Ninyeunook (part), Nullawil, Nyarrin, Pier Milan, Reedy Dam, Rich Avon, Richmond Plains (part), Sea Lake, Springfield, Straten, Sutton, Teddywaddy, Teddywaddy West, Terrappee (part), Thalia, Tittybong (part), Towaninny (part), Towaninny South, Turriff East, Tyenna, Tyrell (part), Tyrrell Downs, Wangie, Warmur, Warne, Watchem, Watchem West, Watchupga, Whirily, Wilkur, Willangie, Wooroonook, Woosang (part), Wycheproof, Wycheproof South, Yawong Hills, Yeungroon and Yeungroon East (part).