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Coopers Plains

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The 2016 Estimated Resident Population for Coopers Plains is 4,661, with a population density of 11.84 persons per hectare.

Location and boundaries

Coopers Plains is bounded by Riawena Road, the Beenleigh railway line, Musgrave Road, Orange Grove Road and Kessels Road in the north, Troughton Road in the east, Breton Street, Evenwood Street, Beenleigh Road, Gay Street and Weaver Street in the south, and Beaudesert Road in the west.

Name origin

Coopers Plains is named after Henry Cowper, Medical Superintendent at the Moreton Bay Penal Settlement. It was originally known as Cowper's Plains.

Settlement history

Settlement of the area dates from the 1860s, with land used mainly for grazing and crop farming. Population was minimal until the 1880s, aided by the construction of the railway line. Land began to be used for dairy and poultry farming. Growth took place in the 1930s, particularly near the railway station. Farms were subdivided into residential blocks between the 1930s and 1950s. Growth took place through to the 1980s. The population has increased slightly since the mid 1990s, a result of new dwellings being added to the area.

Land use

Coopers Plains is a residential and industrial area.

Major features

Major features of the area include Queen Elizabeth II Hospital, Beryl Roberts Park, Brittain Park and one school.